So you’ve just remodeled a room, or many rooms, in your house. The updated spaces now showcase your personal style mixed with modern flair while all old furniture has been kicked to the curb, figuratively speaking.

But on that subject, what do you do with that old furniture you’ve replaced?

The first thought in your head may be to just trash the old stuff. But with global climate issues, overflowing landfills and the Go Green! trends, you may want to consider your other options first. There may be more to do with that “trash” than you think. Take a look at these possibilities:

Old Furniture

You can recycle your furniture. Check around your area for recycling centers that take such items. Furniture can take a very long time to decompose in a landfill. Plus, a lot of the materials can be reused, such as the wood and the stuffing in couches. They may charge you a small pick-up fee but it’s worth it if it means you’re doing your part economically. Also, some plastic furniture can be melted down and reused. Children’s furniture, for example, can be put out with your milk jugs to be recycled into something new.

Depending on what type of furniture it is, you can scrap it. If it’s made out of steel or aluminum, like outdoor furniture for example, it can be sold for scrap parts.

You can repurpose your furniture. If the piece is still in good condition, give it some serious thought before you write it off as useless. Can it be used in a different part of your home? Get your creative juices flowing and think about how to reuse the piece. By simply reupholstering or repainting, the item can be like new again. Or if you’re really creative you can find a way to turn it into something totally new. There’s no wrong way to go about this, so whatever you come up with can work!

The furniture can also be donated if it’s still is good condition and only gently used. There are several ways to go about donating items like this. You can call your local high school drama departments or community theaters and see if they could use the items for set pieces.

Check in the phone books for thrift stores and charity shops that accept furniture donations. Don’t forget to also call Goodwill and the Salvation Army while you’re at it. Ask these places if they pick up the furniture. Most charities will send someone to pick up your items, which is especially important if you can’t transport them yourself.

An added bonus of donating these items is that it’s a tax write-off, so keep all of the receipts. It’s a great way to help people in need with a little extra incentive for you.

So remember, after that fabulous room make over, don’t immediately trash the old furniture. There are so many better, more sustainable options!

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