But when? And what should you do in he meantime?

With the economy growing, people about to see more in their paycheck and a renewed consumer confidence, 2018 projects to be a great year for both selling and buying a home. A lot of sellers are waiting until spring with all its green beauty and blooming flowers to start their marketing. And that has some value. But it’s also good to consider that if you put your home on the market now, you have access to early buyers who are already out shopping and less competition.

So, if you want to sell now but hate how gloomy your photos are you can overrride that concern by putting a current photo first (so they know you’re new to the market) and follow that with a similar photo you took in the spring or summer. There are still sunny days, so shoot your photos then so you still get some blue sky and natural light pouring through windows onto your hardwood floors. Then, follow up with spring and summer photos to let them know what they have to look forward to seeing once your landscaping blooms into the new season!

Put on Market Now……Perhaps less buyers shopping but also less competition. Buyers most likely are serious for shopping at this time.

Put on Market in March or April…..Perhaps more buyers BUT also MORE competition. Some serious buyers and some who love to see all the new homes on the market even though they’re not really buying.

Either way, 2018 could be a very exciting year for both sellers and buyers….and let’s face it most sellers are also buyers…..Grey skies are gonna clear up…put on a happy face!!