Open House 2As spring approaches and you continue to improve your home’s potential to sell, consider scheduling an open house!

Inviting interested buyers into your home can be an effective method for bringing traffic into your property.

Getting buyers inside your residence may make all the difference between mildly interested and ready to buy.

How to Get the Word Out:
Buy Owner sellers enjoy the option of flagging their property in online listings, highlighting the time and date of the next showing to interested viewers. Easily manipulated in seller dashboards, this option allows sellers to promote their open houses to anyone who views the residence.

Things to Keep in Mind:
Preparing your home well can do wonders to sway the opinions of buyers. Don’t overlook the power of presentation!

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Safety First!
One last thing: On the day of your open house, remember to be very alert to what’s going around you. For added safety, it’s a good idea to take some precautions:

1. If at all possible, arrange for someone else to be at the open house with you.
2. If you’re alone, tell a friend when your open house will be held, and arrange for regular phone calls to check in on you.
3. Plan to have a strategy in place if you don’t answer the phone or anything suspicious happens, whether that means your friend should come over or call a neighbor or the police.
4. Turn on all the lights and open the curtains for maximum visibility.
5. Ask neighbors to keep an eye out during the showing.
6. Require visitors to sign in when entering (bonus: this gives you a way to follow-up!).
7. Direct guests through your home rather than letting them wander on their own.
8. Check all the rooms throughout the home after the showing is over.

Combining all these strategies will give you the competitive edge in your showing. Be ready for your open house, and you might just welcome your future buyer inside!