Never are the joys of home ownership as sweet as around the holidays. Friends and family gather to share food and gifts, usually in someone’s house, celebrating their blessings by fellowshipping together and making new memories.

And if you’re hoping to own your property someday, these are the dreams pushing you forward as you save money for a down payment, research neighborhoods and plan for the future.

Think of the experiences you will enjoy in your own home: painting the rooms to your specifications, hanging framed photos of your loved ones, setting the dining room table for company, cooking up festive gourmet meals, hosting overnight and out-of-town friends, celebrating important firsts like Baby’s first steps or your big promotion at work. Around the holidays, you can decorate your property with twinkling lights and other seasonal accents, creating your own distinguishing curb appeal for everyone who passes by.

As you celebrate this holiday season, picture yourself experiencing the next in your own home!

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