The fast, ever-changing lifestyle that envelopes most of us makes it hard to decide what to look for in a house. What you need from a house today may change down the road. So the best advice for most of us is to choose a house that offers ways to alter or expand in the future.

Before you look for a home, sit down and consider what changes you see fit for your future. Do you plan on expanding the size of your family? Will you be retiring? Have you thought about starting your own business? Do you wish you had more time for baking or for fixing up cars? Once you consider the changes that are most likely to occur in the years to come, you can keep these dreams in mind when viewing homes.

When you start attending open houses and researching available homes online, look for aspects that will make your future plans or dreams likely to come true. Advantages to look for:

  • If expansion is in your future, you can never go wrong with extra storage. Even if you can’t fill an attic, crawlspace or basement now, these areas are great for storing miscellaneous items. Later, if desired, you can renovate these areas and double your amount of living space!
  • Extra bedrooms now could always provide overnight stays for guests; later, you could repurpose these rooms into offices, media rooms, hobby rooms or anything you prefer. If an increase of living space is not required in your future, stick with fewer rooms and a lower cost.
  • Keep your hobbies in mind. If you want to bake more often, pay attention to the kitchen. What type of appliances does it contain, how much space is available and when were the cabinets/counters last updated? If fixing up cars is your thing, check out the garage, shed, carport or driveway space.
  • Does your future require a large yard? If you plan on owning pets or having kids, a large yard will definitely come in handy. If retirement is in your cards, you might not want to deal with mowing a lawn or dealing with landscaping.
  • If you like to host get-togethers or have company for weekends, take note of how much space for entertaining is available in the kitchen table area, the dining room or the sunroom. Is there a room that you could convert into a guest room?
  • Are you a technology buff? Even if your hobbies consist of playing video games and watching movies, count the number of electrical outlets that are available. This is a must for an interest in electronics!

It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend what direction your life might lead you in. But looking into your future now might save you another move in the long run!