If you’re trying to prove what makes your home better than the rest, consider its everyday views. Views can make or break a property’s appeal when a buyer is contemplating between a few different options. Any waterfront home should be an impressive investment for you. But even a forest preserve, park or golf course behind your home could raise the value for you and the interest for the buyer! If your home boasts a premium view, make sure to focus on that aspect.

What makes a view so worthwhile? It adds a sense of peace whenever you look outside your window. It allows you privacy instead of backyard neighbors. It can cause your yard to look larger than it actually is. A quality view is worth more than you might realize!

A home on the waterfront obviously raises the value of your home. By much depends on where the home is located and what type of waterfront it is. To increase its significance, make sure the buyer is aware of its features. Is the water clean? Is it a public/private beach? Can you swim, boat or fish? Are there walking trails around it? A picture can only say so much. When using Buy Owner, make sure you give your sales rep as much information as you know.

Waterfront homes aren’t the only homes with ideal views. A home with a forest preserve behind it adds privacy, wildlife and shade from the sun. A park, greenbelt or corner lot will make your yard look larger and sound quieter. A golf course adds a ritzy vale to the property. Even mature trees or professional landscaping offer a colorful, vibrant view that is worth mentioning.

Not only is a view enjoyable when spending time outdoors, but it also spruces up your interior by adding a premium sight from your windows! Tell your sales rep if you can see a lake or forest preserve from the bedroom windows. Is there an extra wide window in the family room or a covered/screened lanai that overlooks the ocean? Let the buyers know! This way, they know where and how often they can enjoy the view.

When it is time for the photographers to take pictures of your home’s view, here are some pointers to showcase the view to the best of your ability:

  • If there is an outdoor oasis where you can enjoy the view, spruce it up! Stain the deck or paint the patio.
  • Remove weeds from around the focal point of your view, so that nothing can distract the buyer from its significance.
  • Clean windows and open blinds, so that pictures capture the perfect views that buyers will experience from inside their new homes.
  • Schedule your photography shoot during premium daylight hours. Or, if you can see the sun setting over the water, try to capture that moment.
  • Use props! Set out lawn furniture or a BBQ on a patio or deck so that potential buyers can envision themselves spending time here. Create a sand castle on a beach. Place colorful flowers on a windowsill, with the view behind it. Do anything you can to make the premium view the focal point of a picture.