How Not to Sell

Throughout most of the country, the weather is warming up, and along with it, the interest of buyers. Spring tends to bring buyers out of hiding, so it’s a very important time in terms of home marketing.

Are you prepared for increased interest? Is your home?

As you make the important decisions in marketing and attempting to sell your property, take a look at this tongue-and-cheek list, and don’t make the same mistakes.

Here are the ways to keep your home on the market and not sell this spring:

Price It Too High
Nothing will scare potential buyers away faster than a home that’s overpriced. Rather than examining the market and comparing your residence to similar ones in the area, choose an asking price that you just wish you could get. If you advertise your home for more than two months without any interest at all—especially this time of year—don’t weaken. Just wait out the busiest selling season with a too-high price tag, and you’ll be sure to keep your home.

Ignore the Competition
Don’t just ignore the pricing of your neighbors and other similar homes in the area; overlook their features, upkeep and amenities, as well. Just because potential buyers will know about these other properties doesn’t mean you need to. If the neighbors added an extra bedroom or remodeled their kitchen, especially while keeping their home at the same price as yours, don’t let that worry you. Just ignore it.

Live Like You’re Staying
Remember this motto: It’s still our house. You don’t have to clean, declutter or showcase anything yet. Keep living like you always have. If buyers find it hard to imagine themselves living in your home, that’s their problem.

Skip the Internet
When it comes to marketing your property, don’t put anything online, where potential buyers from all over the world can find you. Skip going with Buy Owner®, where you can customize your advertising to your needs. Don’t use photographs or virtual tours, and don’t highlight your property’s features. Let buyers figure things out for themselves.

Show It on Your Schedule
When a buyer wants to schedule a showing, tell him or her it needs to be on your timetable. Emphasize your schedule restraints, and tell the buyer to work around them. When buyers arrive, hover over them throughout the tour; then, as soon as possible, push them out the door.

Remember, selling a home—in spring or any other time of year—is a big decision and one that requires planning and preparation. If you follow the above tips, you could very easily push interested buyers away and see the spring and summer months pass by without an offer. Don’t let that happen to you!