SellingIn today’s buyers’ market, it’s not enough to list your home for sale. Putting a sign in the front yard is a start, but usually it will take more–much more–to find a buyer for a property.

You need to maximize your selling power, getting the word out to as many people as possible. Casting a wide net increases your chances of finding a buyer.

How can you do this?

Step One: Choose the best Buy Owner advertising package available.

Meeting with a Buy Owner marketing person will allow you to see the options available. With Buy Owner, you have all the power: select photos, virtual tours, length of description and advertising placement. Plus, enjoy editorial authority over everything the advertising staff creates!

Step Two: Let your Buy Owner advertising work for you.

Once you’ve selected your advertising package and customized it to your preferences, you’re already well on your way to a smart sale. Let your marketing materials work for you on the incredibly popular Buy Owner website ( Reaching a nationwide audience, this ad showcases your property’s strengths and features. You’ll also be able to log into your seller tools and create flyers, check stats and more. Use these features to their fullest, consulting the Buy Owner customer service department with any questions, 7 days a week.

Step Three: Combine the power of your Buy Owner advertising with a little creativity.

There are ways you can strengthen your ad’s effectiveness; all you need is a little creativity. The key principle to keep in mind is casting a wide net: remember, the more people who see your ad, the more likely you are to find a buyer!

Find places online where you can post free links to your online ad: think about Craigslist or Google. E-mail your online address book with links to your ad, asking friends to pass it along to anyone who may be interested. Blog about your home sale. Talk to friends and neighbors. Hold open houses, and use your seller tools to mark the dates online.

Do everything you can to generate interest.

The Result:

Taking these steps will put you in the driver’s seat of your home sale, increasing the views on your advertisement and drawing potential buyers. Keep the creative juices flowing, and see what additional ideas you can come up with to get the word out about your home!