As evening temperatures cool, you may want to stay cooped up inside, cuddled in front of the television. But now is really the time to cuddle up by an outdoor fire, while toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories and gazing up at the stars. By adding a fire pit to your backyard, you won’t only get to enjoy more time outdoors while keeping warm, but you will also add an impressive feature to your home when it’s time to sell!

How do you build a firepit that is easy to install and that looks attractive? It’s simple. Here are tips from to help you through the process:

• When deciding where to build the fire pit, first check your local codes to see what the rules are in your area with open flame. Choose an area that is a safe distance from your house, fence, shed, gardens, overhanging branches of trees or anything flammable.

• Choose stone or brick to use around your fire pit. Consider concrete blocks that look like stone, but that are easier to use because they are flat on the top and bottom. Choose stones that curve to make a circle. Measure an area of 36 to 44 inches in diameter, and then make sure you buy enough stone and masonry adhesive to cover this area.

• Dig a 12-inch trench straight down into the ground, to keep the pit stabilized. First set a layer of gravel around the edges, and then lay the stones, gluing them together as you go with masonry adhesive. The top layer of stones should end up resting about a foot above the ground. A steel ring is a good add-on, in order to keep the stone bricks away from heat damage as much as possible.

• Once the bricks are all laid, fill the fire pit ground with six inches of gravel. Wait to light a fire until two days after you glue the stones or bricks together.

• Fill the fire pit with wood and light up! Enjoy a bonfire whenever you please, and if you’re selling your house, be sure to include the fire pit in your Buy Owner advertisement!