One of the most important steps to selling your home is getting buyers to come see it. This is what advertising is all about: getting the word out about your for-sale property and bringing people through your home to show off its features. But what should you do if, after they come to visit, potential buyers aren’t making offers?

If many people have come through your home without making any legitimate offers, it’s time to reconsider your selling strategy. First and foremost: are you priced correctly? In recent Buy Owner Blog article, The #1 Mistake of Home Sellers, we pointed out that pricing your home incorrectly can prevent buyers from inquiring or visiting your property. Likewise, overpricing may become even more obvious for the sellers that do come for a home tour. If your home’s been on the market for a while, especially, you’ll want to reevaluate the asking price, making sure it’s in line with current values in your area and for similar homes.

Another important consideration is the way you show your home. Be careful to avoid common showing mistakes (see this article, ”The Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Showing Homes”). Also, you may want to ask for feedback in a conversational way after the buyers have visited. Getting answers from them will help you see trends, if any, that are preventing buyers from making offers.

For some ideas of what to ask, consider the following questions:

• Are there any questions I can answer for you?
• What did you like?
• Was there anything you didn’t like?
• How does this home compare to others you’ve toured?
• Have other properties you’ve looked at been in the same price range?
• Did other properties in this price range have similar amenities?

When holding an open house that draws many potential buyers at one time, a great way to gather feedback is by putting out comment cards, complete with pens, near a basket or box. Invite visitors to anonymously fill out these cards after touring your residence, providing you with a variety of opinions at once.