So you want to move BUT you just can’t make up your mind where to go. Let’s review some factors you might use as gauges when considering what could be a major life move.

  • What environment causes you to feel the least stressed and most joyful? That might sound overly philosophical but it is possibly the most important factor to consider. If you love being out in the country and the sounds of traffic stress you out, then even if you took the best paying job in the city, you might not excel at it due to your increased stress level.  If you can’t stand being in the quiet amidst critters and birds and a two hour drive to any kind of good entertainment,  then a condo downtown may be your best choice. Again, your job choice may limit your options but take this point seriously when deciding where to go. You may end up being there a lot longer than you plan.
  • Planning to rent…buy? Honestly explore your budget before jumping in with both feet. If you start your new life overextended and working just to pay bills, eventually you will hate wherever you are because you might be living but you won’t have lifestyle.
  • Jobs? There are so many online options to search for jobs and even at home opportunities, that this is no longer necessarily the first factor to consider. Remember, your job is to provide for you/your family. If you hate your job, it’s hard to be happy. Good quote: “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Money is not the end all.
  • Social Activities? When choosing where you buy or rent, consider what you like to do after work hours. ie: sports, concerts, theater, movies, community events, family activities, etc.  Your life reaches beyond your job. Keep that in mind when choosing where you live.

There are a lot more factors you can think about…do you need public transportation…are you close to retirement….are you retired and need easy access to medical care….are you single but planning to be married and raise a family….etc.  Simply said, think about more than your  job and paycheck when considering making a move so you can live in the song, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy!”