You’ve decided to sell your home. But despite powerful marketing of photos and virtual tours and descriptions, you still haven’t sold. Why?

Perhaps it’s time to do a little updating…on the cheap! Here are five ways to improve your home’s selling potential without breaking the bank:

  • Fresh Interior Paint: Remember that time you decided to give the living room a new look just by simply moving the furniture, and you accidentally dinged the wall with that end table? You may have hidden the mark behind a couch or a chair, but a buyer is going to see that little mark as decreased value. Before you sell your home, make sure that all the walls are pristine. Wash them, spackle any ticks or holes and give them a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint.
  • New Flooring: Hardwood floors are HUGE these days. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on Australian Cypress or Brazilian Cherry. You can get the look for less, and buyers may be in for a pleasant surprise when you reveal that your gorgeous wood floors are actually an inexpensive laminate! What could cost you between $5 and $15 per square foot for the real thing may run you as little as $1 per square foot for the look-alike. Imagine the savings!
  • Updated Light Fixtures: You’d be surprised what a little change in lighting can do for a room. For example, if there’s a hanging light in the living room or kitchen, replace it with a lighted ceiling fan. You will add a bit of energy efficiency and cut cooling costs, which is always a plus for a buyer. And if the family room boasts the same lamps you bought 10 or 20 years ago, it’s time to get some new ones. You can still take them with you to your new home, but modern, updated looks appeal to potential buyers.
  • Lawn Maintenance: First impressions count! Make a good first impression by maintaining your lawn. Unkempt bushes, tall grass, endless weeds and patches of dandelions will send a buyer running for the hills. Even if you’re selling in winter, if you don’t shovel the driveway/sidewalk, buyers have no reason to get out of their cars and walk into your home. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, pick out the weeds and remove the snow. Show buyers you care and draw them into your home.
  • Availability: If you haven’t been around for your open house, make yourself readily available! No one knows your home like you do. Don’t let friends or neighbors conduct your showing. Let buyers know how much you have invested, monetarily and emotionally, into your property. Be there to give tours and answer questions. Also, be open to phone calls or emails. Selling your own home takes a little bit of effort on your part, so be available!