If you’re like most homeowners, odds are you spend a majority of your time in the kitchen. You want it to be a room that’s inviting, functional, and attractive. So when it comes to selling your home, you’ll want to keep this important room at the top of your priority list. In other words, you’ll want to consider renovating.

Renovating doesn’t have to be expensive to be dramatic. In fact, even minor changes can net thousands of dollars in added value.

Intimidated to get started? Don’t be. The truth is: major remodeling isn’t always needed to update and improve your kitchen’s look. Take a look around and see what qualities you like in your kitchen and make a list of what you would like to see changed. Then do a little research into your options.

Possibility #1: CABINET UPGRADES

Usually located on at least two walls and often positioned near the floor and at eye level, cabinets are always noticed. Replacing them can cost thousands, but updating them is a lot less expensive and possibly just as full of impact.


The easiest way to create a new but inexpensive, look for your cabinets is to replace the hardware. Remove the old drawer pulls, hinges, and cabinet handles and take a sample of each to the hardware store. Choose a new option that matches the holes from the old hardware for easy installation. Purchase a sample set and install it to ensure you are pleased with the new look. 


A fresh look can quickly be created by retouching the doors. The first step is to remove the previous paint or varnish. A substance called trisodium phosphate is available at most hardware stores and can prep your cabinets for a change. Next, sand and clean the doors. Then, apply the new paint or varnish, and voila: a new look for less!


Handier than most people? Enjoy a challenge? Then you may choose to transform your kitchen by cutting out the inner portion of one or more of the cabinet doors and replacing it with glass or clear Plexiglas. Although the task is time-consuming, it will dramatically change the look of your kitchen.