During the relatively hot, dry season of August, decorate your interior with cool, calm hues and water accessories! Whether you’re relaxing inside an air-conditioned room, or under a ceiling fan with the windows open, H2O accents can keep you feeling refreshed, even when the thermostat skyrockets past 100 degrees.

Paint an accent wall a soft shade of blue-green aqua, place a tranquil fountain on an end table, or upgrade your sink! Here are some detailed ways to add water accents to your home this August:

Choose a room to redecorate in calming blue tones. Opt for a room that provides an abundance of windows or sliding glass doors, such as a Florida room, a bright table area or an airy living room. Paint the walls a navy blue tone, while covering furniture with crisp, white covers. Paint one wall a shade of aqua, while the other three remain white, creme or beige. If you have artistic talent, put your skills to use by painting or drawing a beach mural on one whole wall. For inspirational ideas, click here.

Add fabrics in pastel blues. Hang a voile or silk curtain over a window in blue, light enough to softly flow in a breeze. Add blue silky and sheer pillows to a white couch. Lay a blue cotton table cloth over a dining room table or a coffee table. Add blue placemats on a wooden table in light blue shades. For some real creativity, add fabrics that display an ocean or water scene. For some visual examples, click here.

Place a fountain or waterfall fixture somewhere in your interior. The sounds will calm you, and the sight will keep you refreshed. If you choose a dramatic floor waterfall, choose the location wisely, since they are heavy and difficult to move and maintain. Choose a material that accents the materials already found in your home. Options include marble, stone, glass, cement and copper. For more tips on what type of fountain to choose, click here. For examples, click here.

Upgrade your shower, tub or sink for an increased appreciation of water usage! Instead of bathing in an average shower/tub combo, opt for a one-of-a-kind Jacuzzi with speakers and a DVD player attached, or for a vessel sink with a granite bowl and a stainless steel faucet. The elegant style will never get old, and your stress levels will diminish while you take the time to relax. For examples of top-of-the-line tubs, click here, and for sinks, click here.

Decorate with water accessories for a quick, affordable way to add H2O accents to your interior. Depending on your personality, hang a painting of dramatic waves during an ocean storm, or a calm scene of fishers on a pier. Spend a day at a beach or out on a boat, and then hang collages of the photographs you captured. Place clear vases on end tables and fill them with water and vibrant flowers. Add a fishbowl to a table with a bright betta fish. Adding simple accents could do the trick for a low cost and with zero maintenance.