According to an article in the Lansing State Journal last month, the most important home improvements you can make are in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Not only do renovations to these spaces improve your enjoyment of your home, but they also increase your home’s value. Often, sellers will recoup most of the renovation investments in a higher selling price!

Here are some suggestions offered by interior designer Elizabeth Falconer, who was interviewed for the Lansing State Journal article:

  • More appliances: If you’re looking for tips on purchasing new appliances to add value to your kitchen, check out this Buy Owner Blog article!
  • More kitchens: It’s increasingly common for homes to have second kitchens in the basement or outdoors. Even a mini kitchenette adds value in the minds of buyers.
  • Better storage: Think built-ins and cleverly concealed spaces.
  • Bathrooms with designated his/her space
  • Separate closet for toilets

And these ideas are just the beginning! Previous Buy Owner Blog articles discuss all kinds of possible kitchen improvements, from cabinets and countertops to sinks, lighting and even decoration.