Home shoppers move quickly through websites viewing lots of properties in the hopes of finding their dream home. So, how do you make them stop and shop your ad?

PHOTOS:  When it comes to online shopping, your photos are your first impression. If they don’t like your photos, they’re moving on. Inventory is vast in the cyber world so you only have a minute to grab them and keep them on your web page with photos that cause them to think, “This could be my home”! Gone are the days of teasing them with a couple of photos. They want to “walk through” your entire home online. If they like what they see, they will schedule a physical walk through. If they don’t, that’s ok too. Saves both of you from wasting your time.  Tip: If you don’t take great photos, have your home professionally photographed and make sure your first 4 photos are your WOW factor photos causing them to continue through the rest! (For more tips see Blog article: Maximize your Photography)

DESCRIPTION: Keep it concise and to the point. Avoid writing a flowery novel about your wonderful life in your home. Your life might not reflect their life at all and you’ll actually cause them to move on. (ie: We have loved our friendly neighbors and neighborhood gatherings blah blah blah). If they are loners and don’t like to be bothered, they are not coming to see your home. Share your strongest highlights and details and be done!

BE REACHABLE:  Nothing worse than  being interested in a home and never being able to reach the homeowner to ask questions or schedule a viewing.  Remember, your buyers are shopping electronically so they will most likely want to email you, call your cell phone or text you.  If you can provide all three forms of communication, your results will be faster and stronger.

BE AVAILABLE: The more flexible you are with showings, the higher your odds of finding your buyer. If they can never coordinate with you to view your home, well, then they will buy someone else’s.

These might seem like obvious tips but sometimes the most obvious gets lost in the overwhelming task of selling your home. So before you become overwhelmed, do four simple things. Prepare, relax, show and sell!!