When you’re deciding on the best way to showcase your property to prospective buyers, keep in mind that the internet is very visual and people have highly visual expectations. Before they read a word of your description, most buyers will peruse your photos to see, firstly, if they are even remotely interested in your property. If the photos entice them to learn more, then they have done their job and you are a step closer to someone becoming seriously interested in your home.

The purpose of your advertising, like any other advertising of a product in the marketplace, is to give potential buyers the reasons to choose your home over others also available. Therefore, the quality and content of your photography is very important. There are ways that you can maximize both.  First, show as many photos as possible. Internet shoppers want to see as much as they can ahead of time. They shop the internet for convenience and ease of process.  If you state that you have 4 bedrooms but only show one, you are leaving the reason why you didn’t show the others up to their determination, such as: “wow the other bedrooms must be really small” or ” the other bedrooms must not be very nice” otherwise why wouldn’t they show them.  Neither might be true but that doesn’t matter.  If your buyer lives across the country or on the other side of the world, (yes, your BuyOwner.com exposure offers buyers access to your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world!) they are less likely to ‘stop on by’ to see about the other rooms.  They will go on to another home that does show them what they want to see.

Regarding the quality of your photos, minimize eye distractions.  The fancy towels might look great on your oven door but in a photo they distract the eye from looking at the room and instead bring their  attention directly to the towel.  You might love all the photos on your fireplace mantel BUT what you want to showcase is the fireplace & mantel since that’s what they are buying with your home. Remove other eye distractions such as remote controllers, pens, paper, newspapers, mail, keys, phone cords (or any cords), dishes in the sink or on the counter, etc.

A simple way to prepare for your photography is to stand at the entrance to the room being photographed. Look out of the room and then look in.  If your attention is drawn to something instead of the room, that’s what needs to come out for the photograph.  That might mean pulling out some furniture so that you are able to show more floor space.

The eye judges the room by the amount of floor space they can see. Let them

see a lot of floor.  If you have hardwood floors, make sure the window treatments are open and the sunlight is pouring across the wood. Beautiful!

Remember, photos create your home’s first impression to your prospective buyers. And the never fail thing about first impressions is they only happen once! Maximize your photography and by doing so, you will maximize your home selling opportunities!