Want to upgrade your home to receive maximum $$ you’ve seen other homes in your area receiving but don’t have a bundle of cash to do all you desire? Here are a few ways to maximize your offering while minimizing your cost!

Granite Countertops:  Eliminate the middle man (Home Depot, Kitchen Design Shop, Granite Specialty Stores) when shopping for new counters.

Search for wholesale granite companies that supply the middle men mentioned HOME INTERIOR 006 - Copyabove. You can cut your cost by 30-50%, have a better selection of granite choices and reduce your installation costs. Consider using granite tiles as part of your design in lieu of full  slabs. This can also reduce your overall costs. One other way to reduce your cost is to stick with a bullnose edge instead of getting lured into something fancier. It still looks great but is the least expensive option. Ex: The granite you see in the photo is the same granite sold by Home Depot for $78+/sf.  The cost at the wholesale company that actually supplies the local Home Depot was under $50/sf installed allowing the entire kitchen to be done in slab granite for under $2500 installed! Take the time to shop wholesale!

Porcelain or Italian Tile, Marble & Other Stone Wall & Floor Options

  • Again search for bargain outlet stores (ie: HOBOs – Homeowners Bargain Outlet) At stores like this you can find tile and marble at a fraction of the cost of buying it at big box stores. The key is that these types of stores get in inventory randomly so make sure you purchase more than what you think you’ll need (because you 16always need more) because if you go back it may no longer be available. Ex: The marble in the photo was used for the Master Bath floor and spa shower walls at a cost of $3/sf versus the $14/sf it was marked up to at Home Depot (the exact same tiles).


These are just two examples of how you can upgrade your Kitchen and Baths which always bring the best increased value to your home by taking the time to shop wholesale stores and suppliers, eliminating the middle man of the typical big box or retails specialty stores. It might take a little extra work but your savings will be vast and your reward plentiful!