Wrapping up the holiday season and moving on can seem like a chore not worth doing. Often, we feel lazy after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, as well as discouraged to strip down our holiday décor, and we don’t know where to go with the sweaters that didn’t come with gift receipts. However, if your house is currently or soon to be on the market, you really need to step things up and move on from the holiday season.

Homebuyers are already prepared to move on from the holidays and to now keep themselves busy in a new way: finding the perfect house. If other home sellers are prepared to show their houses before you, that could lose you a sale. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen? Prepare your home now by reorganizing with these five simple steps!

• Find space for your new gifts by cleaning out drawers and closets. Replace old clothes with new clothes, and then bring the old clothes to a home shelter or a local charity.

• Don’t allow your children to cover the home with toys from Santa. Keep the toys in one designated room, and provide containers for the toys to be neatly put away after playtime.

• Take down all of the holiday décor, restore it in boxes and then store the boxes in the basement, attic or somewhere away from sight. Reposition your regular décor, so the house doesn’t appear bare.

• Sweep, dust and clean after the decorations are successfully stored away. Sweep up remaining pine needles or sparkles of tinsel, dust away leftover food crumbs, and clean windows where stickies might have left marks.

• Keep a homey, cozy atmosphere available for visiting homebuyers, without it feeling like the holidays. Light a fire in the fireplace, brew fresh coffee, replace winter candles with spring aromas, and have little pieces of chocolate on hand.

Homebuyers will be impressed at your quickness to move on from a time we all love, and to get down to business with selling your home. Good luck!