As we watch summer, in some places, move quickly out of the way and with a new chill in the air, welcome in the Fall season, it’s good to think about what you can do to refresh your listing with bright new curb appeal if you’re selling or increase the beauty you’ll enjoy yourself as fall flowers fill the air with crisp colors and aromas.

If you’re selling, by taking photos with fresh new autumn landscapes, your listing looks fresh and new instead of old and stale from sitting still all summer.

One of the best choices, beauty wise and for your pocketbook, are Mums! They come in many different colors, shades and sizes so you really can use these rich toned Autumn beauties for all home types including enhancing your condo balcony! You can plant them to fill your ground spaces or use potted mums just as effectively to add wonderful pops of the new season around your home. A key when you’re selling is to not just think about the views of the front of your home but to wrap your yard with color and the life that flowers Image result for free images of fall landscapes with mumsprovide.  If your home is a very neutral tone, an assortment of mums adds the perfect pop of color to make your home stand out in the crowd! As trees begin to change colors, your landscapes will blend beautifully to create a picturesque and inviting home experience for buyers or you!Image result for free images of fall landscapes with mums



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