From presidential debates to news articles to conversations among neighbors, the same topic keeps emerging. It’s on everyone’s mind these days, and it’s only going to grow in importance: reduced energy costs and green living are the future. And that goes for real estate, too.

If you own your own home, now is the time to become more green-aware and to make renovations and changes that will create lower energy costs and greater marketability in years to come. Home buyers are increasingly aware that energy-efficient remodeling can greatly reduce costs, as well as help the environment. So updating your home accordingly is one way to make your home outshine the competition and increase in value.

Here at the Buy Owner Blog, we’ve been suggesting ways to reduce energy costs and go green with your home all year, from ways you personally can use less and conserve more in practice to plants you can add to your interior and lists of other specific suggestions for being more green. (Just take a look at our “Green Living” category for more.)

A new spin we’re bringing to you now is “Going Green during the Holidays,” where we’ll highlight eco-friendly tips and suggestions that correspond with seasonal changes and festivities. First up is Halloween, so stay tuned!