Shopping for a home? Here’s a tip on spotting motivated sellers:

A seller that goes beyond the limits is probably a seller that is anxious to move, willing to negotiate with you and probably able to make the buying process as easy as possible.

So what should you look for?

Recent tips we have shared with sellers included how to improve curb appeal, how to stage an unfinished basement, what repairs to make before selling so that the house is move-in-ready for buyers, how to stage the spare bedrooms so everyone living in the home enjoys their personal space and how to add green innovations for cost savings and eco-friendly living.

This is just some of the advice that we’ve shared with home sellers, in order to make the buying process easier for you, and to improve the home you buy! It’s all for you! So what can you do? Keep your eyes open and read Buy Owner’s regularly updated Selling Tips, even if you are buying for the first time and don’t have your own to house to sell. This way, you’ll know who is upping their game and marketing to sell and who isn’t.