house for sale

Having a hard time selling your house? Even though all you hear about these days is new ways of marketing, in a competitive market like this one, sometimes good old-fashioned advice will take you the furthest. This involves you stepping out of your comfort zone.

Hopefully you already completed the first step, which is advertising with Buy Owner. Once your advertisement is set up, you have the support of the nation’s leading for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) company at your disposal. Buy Owner will promote your listing nationwide 24/7 through, its 1-800 number and its magazine.

You should do everything you can, too. Take the initiative to “sell” your house everywhere you go.

Use techniques like these:

Talk to strangers. Though we’re taught not to as children, networking with those around you in grocery stores, churches, libraries, coffee shops and on public transportation might score you a home buyer. You never know, these seeming strangers may be the future homeowner of your house, or they might know someone who is looking. You might as well share your story!

Hand out flyers or business cards when those you talk to seem interested. Unless you give them a reminder, they’ll forget. On the flyer or card, include the web link to your Buy Owner advertisement and the phone number on your For Sale sign. These sources give all the information the people need. You just need people to go check them out.

Advertise on Craigslist. Make the most of your Buy Owner advertising by copying the HTML from your Seller Tools that will reproduce your professional listing on Craigslist! Include a catchy title so that people will check it out.

What will sharing your Buy Owner web link and phone number do? It’ll show potential buyers that you’re serious about selling. You set up an advertisement with a credible company and now you’re going the extra mile to make sure that people see the ad.

What happens if you don’t go the extra mile? Buy Owner will advertise your house on social networking sites and on our website. We’ll advertise to people driving past your house when they see the bright yellow sign in your yard. We’ll go the extra mile so you don’t have to. But if your house still isn’t selling in this tough, competitive market, we’re just saying there is more you could do.

Remember, it’s U that makes the difference®!