Photos vs Description….Which is Most Important when Creating your Ad Campaign?

Though in the “old” days, sellers would tease potential buyers with flowery words and a couple of photos in order to get them to come walk through their home to “learn more”, those days are gone. We live in a fast food, fast paced, show me what you got society which means you only have moments to capture your audience and cause them to stay on your ad with the potential of then choosing to physically walk through. So, though, words are important, they take second stage to your photos.

PHOTOS: If someone is searching the web looking at multiple sites to find homes that fit their needs and desires, the first few photos they see of your home will determine if they look at the rest and then if they like what they see they will read your description.  Buyers are not interested in being “teased” anymore. If you won’t show them your home online with good, well taken photos, they will move on to another home that will. You could very well lose your buyer because of either a lack of photos or lack of quality photos. If you take only so so photos, you need to consider having your home professionally photographed. The minimal cost of doing so can not only get you your buyer, they can cause you to receive better offers as well.

DESCRIPTION: We’ve all read the buzz words  “cozy” “nestled” “charming”, etc. Though those can be strong adjectives when overused they become costly mush. Again, with the I want it now mentality that exists today, buyers are looking for the description to further detail what they’ve seen in your photos while offering them important information ie: A+ school district….close to highways, shopping and entertainment….walk to the beach…etc. Keep your sentences brief and to the point while still enhancing your photos…..they can see the wood floors but are they hardwood or wood laminate? are the countertops granite or quartz (a hot item these days)….new roof, furnace, a/c…etc.

Clearly both your photos and description add value to your marketing campaign. Take the time to do both well providing your buyers with a great online experience. Before you know it they will be knocking at your door, walking through your home and hopefully choosing to make it their own!