Whether you live in a six-bedroom mansion or a studio apartment, chances are you’ve had or will have an overnight guest at some point. And whether you are putting up your in-laws for a holiday weekend or letting your friend crash for the night, you want your guest to feel comfortable. How do you create overnight comfort for a guest? Where do you put the guest? While you could just throw a blanket onto the nearest couch that already contains decorative pillows, you could also plan ahead with the necessary equipment.

Here are the best ways to plan for an overnight stay at your house, depending on what you have available:

If you do happen to have a spare room available in your house, consider turning this room into a guest room. The ideal guest room would contain neutral décor in color schemes suitable for a man or woman, such as earthy tones in light green and brown. The sheets and bedspread should have a simple design and should be noticeably washed after every use. The closet should be empty so your guest can use it, and towels should be folded up on a chair. For an extra flare, you can place a mint on the pillow. A guest room offers your guest adequate privacy.

  • Work with the space you have. If you have a private office, media room or any other room that is shared and belongs to no particular family member, add a pullout couch to this room. That way, when a guest comes to stay, the room can be offered to the guest as a private, enclosed area for him or her to rest.
  • Even if you don’t have an entire room to offer a guest, work with accessories to create a peaceful atmosphere. In your main living area, include a pullout couch, a futon, a plush lounger or a sofa bed that will allow your guest to stretch out and sleep comfortably. On the nearest table, provide an alarm clock, a scented candle and an empty drawer for your guest to use. Consider purchasing a room divider that will provide extra privacy while you guest sleeps.
  • Can’t fit any of the above furniture into your living quarters? Include a rollaway cot, a blowup mattress or a sleeping bag in one of your closets or storage areas. This way, at least you’ll have some sort of sleeping arrangement to offer your guest. Always keep a clean set of sheets, blankets and pillows in your house, and keep your floors vacuumed and your carpeting washed. Set up a sleeping arrangement for your guest that is located near a bathroom with a nightlight.

Not only will these preparations organize you for when a guest does decide to stay, but neutral guest rooms, extra office furniture and plush couches also add to the appeal of your house on a regular basis.