Marketing your home is all about showcasing its strong points. Whether those points are gorgeous panoramic views, prime placement in the heart of the city, lush landscaping or incredible interior features, every home has something that makes it special.

One feature that’s often found in quality-built older homes is built-ins. Buyers love built-ins. They add space to a room, creating areas for organization and displays. And nothing says character like custom shelving and bookcases, built right into the walls flanking a fireplace.

So if your home features these customizations, make the most of them! Here’s how:

1. Declutter: Probably the best way to begin this project is to remove everything from the shelves/cabinets completely. Give them a good cleaning, and then think about what should be displayed. Anything you don’t want anymore or don’t think should be showcased, put away. Anything gaudy, put away. Anything that will detract from your built-ins, put away.

2. Create groups: From the remaining items, try to arrange neutral, simple things together, making sure that they enhance the shelving rather than draw attention away from it. You want buyers to imagine their things on the built-ins, as they’re imagining themselves buying your home.

3. Showcase books: If you don’t feel comfortable creating clusters of items, another time-tested option is to use bookcases what they were originally intended for: books. Consider grouping them by color or by size, giving the shelves a sense of organization. If you don’t have enough books to fill the shelves, group them in sections of five to ten. If you have too many books, pare down.

Remember that to a buyer, built-ins are custom furniture included with your home. Emphasize the value of these features by showcasing them at their finest, and buyers are sure to notice.