houseshowingOnce you have made the decision to sell your home on your own, the next step is to prepare the home for showing.

1. Get Rid of All the Stuff (See article: Tidy Up).

By clearing out the overstuffed closets, the jammed crawlspace, and the packed garage, you not only make your house appear larger, but you also make it easier to move once the home does sell. Also make sure the front of your home looks clean.  Check out the landscaping and give it a little pruning if necessary.  It isn’t a bad idea to ask a family member or friend to wander through your home as a “prospective buyer” to create a different perspective.

2. Decide How You Will Show Your Home. 

Do you want to do an open house where you could have a lot of people wandering through your home at once or do you prefer to show it individually?  Either way works, but open houses do draw people in.  Even if they aren’t interested in your home, they may know someone who is.

3. Consider an Open House.

If you choose to have an open house, the first step is to pick a time and date.  Next, walk through your home and arrange a mini walking tour for your guests to follow.  Print out information sheets that showcase the Buy Owner text and photographs you’ve received. Present these sheets to everyone who walks through your home so they can take it with them, study it, or maybe even pass it on to someone else.

4. Do Last-Minute Prep Work.

Before every showing, do a quick walk through of your house and check for wires that run across the floor, uneven carpets or small toys, anything that could create a walking hazard.

4. Place Signs around Your Neighborhood. 

It isn’t necessary to advertise in the newspaper or on a website unless you live in a fairly untraveled area.  Signs should be placed at busy intersections leading potential buyers to your open house.

5. Give Buyers Space.

If you choose to show your home individually to buyers, walk through the home with them, but provide them some space to discuss with each other during the tour.

6. Get a Team.

If you are showing during an open house, do not do it alone. Encourage a few family members or neighbors to help you while people wander through your home. Someone should be at the front door welcoming potential buyers and passing out brochures, while other people are scattered throughout the home. Not only will this prevent someone from stealing a treasured item, but it also will create a place to turn in case a potential buyer has a question.

With a little bit of planning, a home showing can accomplish what you hope it will: someone falling in love with, and buying, your home.