The open design of most contemporary and recently renovated homes, places the  Kitchen as the centerpiece of the layout.  It’s important to note that the Kitchen is one of the rooms of most importance to potential buyers. Do you want your kitchen to radiate a contemporary and upgraded appearance that will be remembered, without the hassle of draining your bank account?

Here are some quick upgrading tips that will allow your outdated kitchen to show off some modern flare:

Upgrade the lighting. A simple task like this will brighten the entire room, while diminishing the old fixtures that look like rusty antiques. Scattered track lighting is the Image result for small kitchen recessed lighting ideasbest approach, and adding dimmers will provide even more lighting options. If you have a little bigger budget or are handy yourself, recessed lighting is always a plus because it automatically creates the sense of higher ceilings and an expanded space. Put on dimmers for an added bonus that buyers love!

Upgrade the cabinets, without replacing them. If new lighting displays more nicks and stains than you knew existed, sand the cabinets and paint a glossy finish over them. Or paint them white. To add a unique feature, replace a few cabinet doors with glass doors that allow you to show off your fancy dishware. If the finish is in good shape, you can create a whole new look by changing up the hardware. Check current magazines and online articles to see what kind of hardware their decorating articles are highlighting.

Upgrade the seating arrangements. If your kitchen includes a breakfast nook,  upgrade the light fixture or the window treatments. Add a rug, in order to separate it from the rest of the kitchen. Purchase new breakfast bar stools or add pendant lighting over the bar. If your large kitchen displays wasted space, add an island! This doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many portable islands on the market that are quite affordable.

Upgrade the sink. A dirty, scratched up sink doesn’t allow a potential buyer to imagine a clean environment. Polish up the existing sink, purchase a new faucet for the sink. You might even consider adding a garbage disposal or a water filtration system.

Upgrade the countertops. Decorative laminate is available for a reasonable price, and the décor looks much like the expensive options, such as granite. Laminate also lasts forever and is easy to clean, which a potential buyer should appreciate. If your area has many competing homes with granite check on prices on a basic bullnose style at a wholesale granite business. This eliminates the middle man costs of buying from a big box or design store.

If you’re really adventurous, try shopping at stores like “Restore” which benefits Habitat for Humanity. This is a great place to find that new cabinet hardware, portable island, light fixtures or even some new cabinets or cabinet faces.