How long you leave your holiday decorations out is up to you. Some homeowners take everything down today, the day right after Christmas, and others will leave things up into the new year. But one thing’s for sure: if you’ve put up and decorated a tree in your home, you will need to take it down sometime. Do you know the best ways to dispose of it? Buy Owner is here to help you get the information you need!

Real Christmas Trees

Fact: Did you know that most real Christmas trees do not come from a natural forest? Instead, they are home-grown on farms all across the country!

Many homeowners prefer real Christmas trees because of their sweet pine scent and connection with the outdoors. As an added bonus, like any piece of foliage, a real Christmas tree will take in harmful carbon dioxide and release out fresh oxygen.

Of course, there are negatives in having a real tree: It requires regular watering, and needles will shed, falling to the ground. You may have to vacuum a little more than you would like during the holidays.

When it comes time to dispose of a real tree, which should last a week or two indoors, the most eco-friendly option would be to turn it into mulch. This requires a little more time and concern than just throwing it away with the rest of your trash, but it helps the planet.

Alternatively, if your tree still has the roots intact, you could try to replant it outside once the holidays are over. Just bear in mind: if the tree has spent more than a week in your home, it has adjusted to the warmer climate, and if you live in a colder climate, the tree will not be able to survive outdoors.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Because of the minimal cleanup and variety of sizes and colors available, many homeowners choose artificial Christmas trees. The benefits abound: artificial trees last forever; reuse them year after year! That’s the best green option there is!

Also, nowadays, fake trees often come pre-lit! No more dealing with the hassle of untangling lights to string on the tree. Some artificial trees look like the real thing, and you can easily purchase any size you like. From a one-foot, table-top tree to a 12-foot, towering pine, it’s easy to find the perfect size for your desk in the office or to place in front of the large picture window in the living room.

The major downside of artificial trees is that most are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is not very friendly to the environment. PVC is not biodegradable. So if you decide to ditch the fake tree for a real one, there is no eco-friendly way to dispose of it. However, because artificial trees are so easy to maintain, you could continue using the same one for years to come.

In conclusion, celebrating the holidays with either a real or an artificial Christmas tree has its ups and downs. Consider the economy, the environment and your personal decorative style when choosing one and deciding to dispose of it or replace it.

As always, happy holidays from Buy Owner!