31 reasons

The most unique feature of online marketing is that it is an interactive medium. Rather than looking at a print ad like they would have a few years ago, buyers can now scroll through photos of properties online and take a virtual tour of homes they like.

Buy Owner knows how important photos are to creating that strong first impression, the kind that will invite a buyer to come visit and learn more. That’s why it has professional photographers shoot stunning photos of your home’s exterior, interior and community.

Valuable for Out-of-Town Buyers
While some prospective buyers will be in the area, some won’t. Some may live several states or even countries away and will be looking for a home in your town solely through Internet research. What is more important than the best possible photos for these buyers? How else will they know what your home offers?

Valuable for Local Buyers
But quality photos aren’t only valuable for out-of-towners. Buyers can afford to be picky today, and they aren’t willing to spend weeks filled with house after house after house of touring. How will they choose which homes to make time to visit? What they see online: the descriptions, the information and, of course, the photos.

What You Can Do to Make the Most of Photos:
Buy Owner’s professional photographers will do all they can to showcase your home’s strengths, but you can make your home seem more spacious and inviting by doing a few things:

  • Clean everything from top to bottom!
  • Organize all storage areas!
  • Put out-of-season items away in a storage facility!
  • Decorate with neutral colors!
  • Plant flowers outside in season; shovel in winter; hang a pretty wreath on the front door.