31 reasons

You know what can enhance your home’s professional photographs? Captions.

If you select an elite Buy Owner ad, your captions may be created for you by the in-house writing staff. If you are writing your own captions, though, you will want to focus on targeting buyer interest by providing key information.

Check out this former Buy Owner Blog post that explains the cyclical nature of photo viewing online. Buyers who like what they see will want more info – what are they looking at? are those floors real wood or laminate? do those appliances stay?

So whether you answer potential questions in the ad itself or in the captions, you need to answer them. The benefit of captions is that the information is immediately accessible to the viewer.

Control over captions is just one more example of Buy Owner’s putting power back in your hands. It’s your ad, so you make the decisions. Use those captions to showcase your home’s features!