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With a skilled marketing consultant at your side, the process of advertising your home won’t seem so complicated! Here’s what you can expect when a Buy Owner marketing consultant meets with you: A thorough discussion of your home’s features and amenities, while you sit down together in it. Advice on how to make your home stand out. A variety of customizations for you to choose from.

When you meet with your marketing consultant, feel free to take him or her from room to room in your house to explain everything you would like a potential buyer to know. Each rep takes detailed notes, from the type of flooring to the style of the windows to the brands of the appliances, and this information is put together to create your custom ad at BuyOwner.com.

When you meet will be up to you. What gets focused on in your advertising will be up to you. Your consultant is there to make sure what you want is what you get, and that’s what makes Buy Owner so unique.