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If you’re new to Buy Owner marketing, you might be surprised to find full-paragraph home descriptions at the Buy Owner site. This is quite unlike the quick, abbreviated, hard-to-understand real estate code of most real estate ads (such as wic, mbs/off, dwy, br, etc.).

At Buy Owner, customers choose the length of their property’s description when they create their custom ad package with a Buy Owner marketing professional. The longer the text, the more information that can be provided. Customers always have the final say on their description, and they can update it when they need to.

In many regional markets, Buy Owner’s in-house writing department crafts the copy. After carefully examining photographs taken by marketing reps, the writers create text about the exterior portion of the home and take potential buyers through each of the rooms as they are laid out inside the house. Each Buy Owner writer takes a lot into consideration when writing an advertisement for a residential real estate property.

Think about how important good descriptions are in a home advertisement: Quality text allows you to give more detail about your home, to set it apart from other for-sale properties and to enhance what the photos reveal!