Put your home up in the spring or summer and for whatever reason, your home has not yet found its perfect new owner? There are things you can do to keep your home up to date and market fresh at first view.

  1. If the trees and foliage have started to change colors or snow has started to fall, etc. take new exterior structure and yard photos to reflect the current season.How-Much-Is-A-View-Worth
  2. By now, your summer flowers may have lost their bloom. Instead of leaving your landscaping bare, pick up some fall mums and add several of them around your home and in your garden beds…..use varied colors to blend with the changing leaves and foliage.
  3. If you like to decorate for the holidays or seasons, shoot all your photos first so your decor does not date your listing.
  4. If you absolutely must decorate, do so with a sharp eye, keeping nik naks to a minimum. Just like when shooting photos, eye distractions may cause them to miss the very feature that would have enticed them to further investigate your home. Remember, they’re buying your home not your visual-intereststuff!
  5. If you do have holiday decor in either interior or exterior photos, make a point of changing them up if your listing rolls into a new season.SE

Staying current and fresh in the marketplace may take a little extra focus but the results in this fast paced, quick view online shopping environment, your effort will be worth it!