According to a recent New York Times article entitled “Spending to Sell,” many of today’s sellers are approaching this slower buyers’ market with a can-do attitude: rather than sit back and wait for buyers, they’re doing something about the wait. They’re renovating.

“Some sellers are making the bold move of renovating their homes to sell them,” writes Vivian S. Toy. “Brokers say that this strategy can help keep the price out of the basement, and more important, help the home sell much more quickly.”

In other words, if you can’t lower your price (or even if you can), improve your property.

Because today’s buyers have so many homes to choose from, and, given the market’s recent struggles, a lot of leeriness about jumping into purchases, renovations make sense. Get your home looking better than the competition, and price it fairly, and you have a recipe for a successful sale.

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