Happy New Year from Buy Owner®! A new year means a fresh start: a chance to begin again and do things differently. Are you selling a home? What will you do to market your home more effectively? This new year is the perfect opportunity to put a few key marketing choices into play.

To begin, here are three basic tips:

1. Price it right.

Probably the #1 most important selling tip for today’s market comes down to pricing. You have to price your home aggressively in this buyers’ market. If you don’t, you lose the opportunity to make the all-important first impression that can make or break the sale. For more information on pricing your home correctly, read these Buy Owner Blog articles: “The #1 Mistake of Home Sellers”, “Is It Time to Drop Your Price?” and “Why Your Home Isn’t Selling.

Aim to price your home just below its appraised value and/or similar for-sale properties in the area. This will make it attractive to potential buyers and is sure to get it off the market faster.

2. Show it right.

After you’ve priced aggressively, your second goal needs to be turning your home into the best showcase possible. Think about curb appeal, clutter, potential renovations. Do whatever you can to make your residence look move-in-ready. For more information on showing your home to its best, take a look at these Buy Owner Blog articles: “Why Staging Works”, “Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Showing Homes”, “Smile for the Camera Staging Your Home” and “How to Get Showing Feedback”.

3. Advertise it right.

If your home is priced right and staged right, there’s only one factor left to focus on, and it’s an important one: advertising. Through BuyOwner.com, you have the opportunity to market your for-sale property to millions of viewers around the world. Meet with a Buy Owner marketing professional to hand-select length of text, amount of professional photographs/virtual tours, placement in BuyOwner.com search results and more. You can also check out these Buy Owner Blog articles for more information on making the most of Buy Owner advertising: “The Value of Virtual Tours”, “Why Descriptions Matter”, “The Secret to Selling Buy Owner”, Extra Tricks for Drawing Buyers.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to see your home sold. After all, it’s 2009, a new year for you to make the most of!