Now that we’ve already celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving, the winter holidays are right around the corner! During this time, many people are focused on shopping for gifts and preparing for parties. So how do you keep buyers interested in seeing your property? Here are a few tips for selling your home during the winter holidays:

Create a warm, cozy environment

If you live in a cold, snowy part of the country, make sure that the thermostat is turned up a bit. This way, when you show your home, potential buyers will step out of the blustery winds into a toasty, comfy home. You may also want to light up the fireplace, if you have one. However, make sure that it is not distracting, taking away from the rest of the home. And don’t forget about holiday music! Play some softly and give your property the perfect amount of holiday cheer.

Minimize the decorations

Feel free to put up seasonal decorations. Decorate a small tree, place a wreath on the front door and string lights along the exterior gutters. Just don’t overdo it. Give buyers a chance to imagine how they would decorate each space for the holidays. Also, if you keep a lot of decorations stored away, and your house sells right around the holidays, you won’t have much to box up for the big move!

Serve up some holiday treats

Baking cookies or cupcakes generates a sweet scent throughout the entire home. You could also offer hot chocolate, apple cider or coffee. Not only will visitors feel welcome, but they will also begin to imagine themselves inside the kitchen, cooking up tasty meals and baking yummy desserts!

Remember to cater to the buyer. If you decide to show your home during the winter season, keep it simple. You can still enjoy the holidays. And if your house sells, it could be the best present to receive!