Tips when Selling Your Home By Owner:

DO:          Clear personal photos from counters, tables and fireplace mantels                             DON’T:   Remove all artwork & photos from your walls. Sterile is not a good look.

DO:          Reduce books and knik knaks from your bookcase or built-ins                                    DON’T:   Create an attractive display of your books w/some frames , candles & small items

DO:          Clear clutter from closets including racks, shelves & floor                                           DON’T:    Just throw everything into a laundry basket or open box/bin. Move it out!

DO:           Have Kitchen & Bathroom counters CLEAR in photos & for showings.                     DON’T:     Just throw it all a basket at the end of the counter. Clear means clear!

DO:          Pack up your off season clothes including coats, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.                 DON’T:    Spread the clothes out into other closets.  Everyone wants closet space!

DO:           Clean out your kitchen cabinets/pantry. Pack up holiday or seasonal dishes.    DON’T:    Assume that buyers won’t open your cabinets, pantry, etc. Serious ones will!

DO:            Be honest and precise when answering your prospective buyers questions.      DON’T:     Talk non-stop while showing your home. Share details then be quiet.

DO:            Have a Guest Book open for open house attendees to leave their info.                     DON’T:      Force the issue if someone doesn’t want to sign it. Always be friendly!

DO:             Freshen walls, trim & cabinets with a good cleaning. Paint if necessary.                 DON’T:      Get so overwhelmed with making things ‘perfect’ that you lose market time.

DO:             Put excess furniture, bins, boxes, etc in storage unit/pod IF you can afford it. DON’T:      Take on excessive debt in preparing your home for sale. Stay smart!

DO:             Have confidence that you can market your home w/Buy Owner’s help!                  DON’T:      Believe the ‘noise’ from others that you’re not competent enough to do so! has been helping sellers successfully market their homes AND walk away with more of their hard earned equity for over 33 years. With full Customer Care service + your Personal Marketing Consultant assisting you each step of the way, you are able to sell your home on your own BUT not by yourself!  Before you know it you too will be saying, “Thanks Buy Owner”!