Marketing your home is all about playing up/emphasizing its features.

Is the land the best part? Then clear out brush, clean up sheds, mow the lawn, trim the bushes. Are the brand-new hardwood floors the hot feature? Then get them in shining, gleaming condition and place furniture in such a way that the floors get noticed (i.e., don’t let them be so cluttered that you can’t see anything!).

The key is: Make the most of what your home has got.

Think about the bedrooms.

Many times, in a home with three or more bedrooms, one bedroom might be used as an office or a workout room or for storage or something else. That’s convenient for you, and while you’ve been the one living there, that’s all that matters. But now you want to sell. And if you’re advertising your home as having four bedrooms, make it look like there are four bedrooms, with a bed in each.

You’re selling now, so it’s about playing up your home’s features.

Along those lines, your bedrooms should be clean, spotless, free of clutter and freshly vacuumed or swept. Don’t overlook the closets; buyers will be free to open them and have a look inside. The more empty space they see, the easier it will be for them to imagine their own belongings inside.