bold colors

Looking to add a seasonal flare to your home? Fashion experts are stating that during a financially tight time, it’s more fashionable to add bright accents and accessories to what you already have instead of redoing an entire room. Therefore, when you feel the need to spruce up a room for summer, splash a bright color onto one wall in a room of white walls, add bright pillows to a beige couch, display bright dishware on a brown dining room table and hang bright chiffon curtains in a neutral-toned room.

Already display colors in your décor? Find new bright options that correspond with what you have!

Did we mention that bright is in? Bright colors possess the ability to lift a mood and make you feel one with the bright colors found in nature at this time of year. Fashion experts in the clothing industry have named these colors as the top 10 colors for spring 2010, which will overlap into summer 2010, and clothing trends tend to coincide with home décor trends:

  1. Turquoise, which evokes a calm, cool and soothing ambiance.
  2. Amparao blue, which is warmer and more energetic than other blues.
  3. Violet, with its warm, romantic attributes.
  4. Aurora, which reminds you of the summer sun.
  5. Fusion Coral, a provocative hue full of energy.
  6. Tomato Puree, a tangy and inviting orange hue.
  7. Pink Champagne, a luxurious kick to standard pinks.
  8. Tuscany, a warm, more natural beige hue.
  9. Dried herb, a neutral green that works with other natural colors.
  10. Eucalyptus, a cool gray that coincides with all bright colors.

The beauty of these hues is that they agree with each other and with neutral tones that you already display. Have fun with this as you add feelings of energy and optimism to your interior!