Spring is Sprung and though that may not mean anything more than simple refreshing for some consistently warm markets, in many areas, it is time to fix up what winter broke down. Here are some projects that might take some elbow grease but in most cases not a lot of money or time to get your home ready to emerge or re-emerge into the strong spring market! Tip: Get the whole family involved so the sense of accomplishment will be a team effort. Maybe even plan a family outing to celebrate once all the projects are completed. Labor time will be reduced….Family time will be greatly increased!


  • Power wash all the winter weather mildew off your deck, porch or patio. If necessary, put a fresh coat of paint on areas that may have become scraped or chipped while shoveling snow. Home may need a good power washing as well but be careful so you don’t strip paint from exterior.
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  • If it’s too early to plant due to weather fluctuations, prepare your yard, garden and flower boxes so they are clean and ready for planting as soon as weather permits. In the interim, use container plants already available at the garden center that can be brought inside in case of a sudden spring snowstorm. Once the weather is constant, you can either continue showcasing your containers or add those plants to your landscaping.
  • Wash windows inside and out…not just the glass….the outside frames may show a lot of dirt…shine up the glass and frames for a sleek, clean appearance as your prospects show up and so the sun shines through your interiors as they view your home.
  • Take a walk around your home and see if any deck boards, siding, trim, etc. need to be repaired or replaced and then get them looking fresh and new! Clear all debris from your yard, driveway, walkways, patios or deck due to branches down in storms.
  • Check your roof for shingle or gutter damage from storms. Speaking of gutters, get then cleaned out and refreshed either with your power washer or by putting on a fresh coat of paint.
How to Clean Windows: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Take a new, objective (have a trusted friend stroll around your home with you) look at your home. Drive away and then return, this time taking in your home as your prospective buyers will be doing as they drive by or arrive for a viewing. Then fix what needs fixing and showcase what looks great. Then you’ll feel confident when buyers come by and be able to enjoy this part of your journey!