If you are selling your property during the summer season, it is important for prospective buyers to be warmly welcomed into your home. Buy Owner has also expressed that it is vital for sellers to stage their homes, to give potential buyers an idea what their furnished, decorated home may look like. So how do you get your home ready for a summer open house? Here are some summer staging tips:


• If your foyer boasts tiling or hardwood flooring, keep the floor open. Remove any area rugs, as layers create unnecessary warmth when the weather is already hot.

• If you want to keep dirt from being tracked into the house, place a small mat right near the door.

• If you have a screen door, keep the main door open to allow for plenty of light to flow through the foyer.

Living Room

• Make sure a comfy chair is seated near the window to offer views of the outdoors; trade a lofty leather recliner for a light whicker rocking chair.

• For decoration, place a vintage screen door, garden gate, or a portion of white picket fencing in the corner of the room.

• Replace dark lampshades with white or cream-colored shades.

Kitchen/Dining Room

• Place a large bowl of fruit/veggies on the table, the counter or an island. Summer fruits include pineapple, peaches, cantaloupe and bananas. Summer vegetables include: tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers.

• Decorate the room with potted plants. Sunflowers brighten the room and give it a summery disposition.

• Cover dining room chairs with a light-colored slip covers.


• Remove any heavy textures like accent pillows, down pillows, wool blankets.

• Create an airy, simple look on the bed with one or two white pillows, white sheets and a white cover sheet only.

• Exchange a wooden night table for a piece of whicker furniture.


• Arrange a basket of scented soaps on the vanity; choose light scents like lavender, pomegranate or peach.

• Keep just one towel in the bathroom. Too many layers create too much warmth.

• If you have a shower/tub combo, keep the curtain/sliding door open.

It is not necessary to completely alter every single room in your house for a summer showing. If you making simple changes, lightening and freshening up your home’s decor, potential buyers will get the feel that your home is a comfortable place to live during the summer.