When you’re showing your property to prospective buyers, you want every inch of the home to be inspected and improved (if needed) in some way. In all your preparations, don’t forget the garage!

A garage could be a huge selling point to the buyer, especially if he/she is looking for storage space or even the possibility of converting the area into a livable bedroom or bonus room. Keep this in mind as you are cleaning and decluttering. No matter if you have a one-car or a three-car garage, you want to showcase as much space as possible. Consider painting the walls a bright white or yellow to lighten up the garage and make the room appear larger.

If everything is disorganized in bunch of boxes, you may want to invest in some built-in shelving, a workbench, a peg board or some hooks. If all of your belongings are put in a particular place against the wall, leaving a large space in the middle, buyers will be able to picture their own possessions placed neatly inside your garage, alongside a vehicle or two, with plenty of room to spare.

You could even personalize the space a little bit. A lot of garages are fitted with a small window. Adding a small curtain tells a buyer that the garage is lived in, as well as cared for. A colorful, yet durable, rug by the door also lets people know that you want to keep this space just as clean as the rest of your house. Just because you might store lawn equipment, tools or a car in the garage, that doesn’t mean that the area needs to look like an outdoor space.