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It’s a strange phenomenon, but history shows in many markets that having an Open House on Super Bowl Sunday can be very productive.

  1. Wives may make a deal with their husbands to leave them alone with the football game if they will go to open houses with them earlier in the day.
  2. If your home has a Media Room, Game Room or dynamic Family/Great Room, you can stage the room with Super Bowl decor (highlighting both teams so you don’t alienate anyone), chips, salsa and beverages to allow the football fan (man or woman) feel how great having this space for future games and parties will be.
  3. Take #2 a step further by having the pre-game activities on the TV in that room (especially if you have a big screen tv that you might be leaving with the home or is negotiable!) as a way to generate friendly conversation and quality ‘white noise’.
  4. Women may come on their own or with a friend to get away from all the Super Bowl craziness happening in her home and begin the home shopping process without her spouse. Though typically you want all decision makers at a showing, it’s not unusual for the woman to be the ultimate decision maker in the long run! Asking your guests to sign in to your Open House will allow you to follow up with them the following week.
  5. Put flags in your front yard (and balloons on your many signs) that showcase both teams participating in the Super Bowl to draw people to your home and your Open House.
  6. Review previous Blog Articles about holding a successful Open House and follow all those steps in addition to what’s noted here.

KEY:  Be friendly, relaxed and allow people to take their time viewing your home,  asking questions, enjoying your snacks and ‘feeling’ the positive party energy your home offers!