faucet Looking to take your home’s appeal past the curb? Though most home sellers opt to upgrade their homes in a visual sense, they can also score interested home buyers by going beyond the first impression. Home accessories, such as tankless water heaters, may not appear the sleekest item of décor in a photo, but they are an efficient upgrade sure to catch buyers’ attention!

Everyone is finding ways to cut down on costs and save on bills. Most people are also looking for ways to spruce up their homes. Tankless water heaters do both. Not only are they small and practically unnoticeable boxes that hang on the wall, but they also save loads on utility bills.

Instead of filling a giant tank with water and than heating it 24 hours a day, even when you aren’t using hot water, tankless water heaters can be turned on and off via a device accessed in a convenient location of the house. When you want hot water for dishwashing or showering, the water will instantly turn hot.

More impressive features of tankless water heaters: you can choose the exact temperature that you want the water, hot water never runs out, they can be installed inside or outside the house, and they are qualified to score you a tax credit if used, since they are energy-efficient. Learn more about green living tax credits in our previous blog.

Downside: they cost more than standard water heaters upfront, anywhere from $200 to $1000. Though the cost is significant at the time of purchase, they will save you money down the road. And if you’re looking for a feature to set your house above the rest in the eyes of potential homebuyers, this is possibility to consider.

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