Don’t miss this recent article from, highlighting the strengths of the Buy Owner® program! Here’s a clip:

“With headlines proclaiming a crisis in the sub-prime mortgage market, many homeowners are trying to figure out if they should worry. Sub-prime lenders — those who make loans to people with poor credit ratings — made too many loans to people who could not make their monthly payments. Many of those people may believe it’s cheaper to simply walk away, but that can lead to further credit damage and foreclosure on a home loan.

Rather than walk away, Buy Owner manager Jason Krakow suggests that those who need to sell instead do it the ‘Buy Owner way,’ which can make it easier for buyers to qualify, since the cost of marketing is lower for the seller, with no Realtor commission to pay out. ‘Often, the seller passes that savings along to the buyer in the form of a lower price,’ he said.”

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