No matter what size yard you own, a casual sitting area can help make the most out of the space you were given. Whether it’s a massive backyard sanctuary or a mini cement patio, this area can accommodate an abundant number of extra activities with perks that go along with each one.

Here are 10 benefits to owning a terrace in your backyard:

  1. More usable space. Most people own a backyard, but some people never step foot in the yard unless it’s to mow the lawn. However, if you add a solid sitting area to this space, you’ll be more apt to use it. A solid surface offers a place to sit or stand comfortably without bugs crawling around you, grass tickling your ankles and allergies acting up. You have this solid area for the sole purpose of using it, so you most likely will. A side perk is that you’ll have less grass to mow with a patio or deck taking up space!
  2. Room to relax. After a long day of work or stress, sometimes you just need to unwind. Relaxing outdoors won’t cause you to feel as lazy as if you chose to take a nap on the couch with the blinds shut. Sunbathe on a lounge chair while the sunshine soaks you with vitamin D, or sit under a roof or in a screened-in lanai so you don’t have to bother with poor weather, annoying bugs, other neighbors and strong winds. Either way, you’ll receive fresh air and you’ll still sleep soundly at night.
  3. A social spot! Inside parties can get crammed and stuffy, but inviting guests to a backyard barbeque is appealing and efficient. You’ll save energy by not using the oven, your kitchen won’t become hot and smoky, you can feel good about spending time outdoors, and you get to enjoy delicious food aromas and tastes. Barbeques are also a great way to spruce up your eating patterns.
  4. Perfect for a pool. If you still want to incorporate social activities into your backyard time but you don’t want to grill, think about adding a pool. Usually with a pool, a patio or a deck is included in the plan. You’re halfway there already! A pool adds tons of extra amenities. Swimming, exercising, soothing sounds, relaxation and social activities are suddenly available to you everyday without driving anywhere! You can now define your backyard as a true party place. Would you rather relax your tense muscles? Have a whirlpool or Jacuzzi put in for a serene escape in the outdoors.
  5. Showcase style. Even if you don’t partake in many activities, a backyard sitting area can flourish with design and style. Patios come in all shapes and sizes. Lanais add a sense of luxury. Wooden decks provide class. Whether your backyard incorporates brick paver, ceramic tile, stucco, cement or wood, it’ll look unique from all other backyards. Add some gardens and landscaping around this area, perhaps even a fountain for soothing water sounds, and you’ve created your very own backyard paradise that others will admire.
  6. Great for other add-ons. Add little items to this area, and you can change the whole atmosphere. If you’d like to gather a group of guests to one area, add a table umbrella. It allows a colorful, inviting item to inform guests where to reside. A fire pit allows an entire new social activity. Now you can make s’mores, tell ghost stories or lead a group sing-along. A fire pit creates a happy, peaceful atmosphere. Instead of tables and chairs, perhaps buy a swing to add to your personalized backyard. A swing could offer a romantic sitting area or just be a great place to curl up and read a book. Still looking to take that afternoon nap? Set up a hammock. So many items can be added at any time to make life more comfortable for you.
  7. Plenty of options. If you deal with the changes in seasons and inclement weather, perhaps you don’t feel like a backyard escape is worth your time and money. Roofs and screens can help with that, but you can also purchase a heater to warm up the area. Don’t let excuses ruin your chance of enjoying your own backyard.
  8. Streaming sunlight inside. If you do have a patio or deck outside, you need an entrance. Many houses provide multiple doors that lead to the outside area. Sliding doors or French doors allow natural light to stream into the home, making it brighter and homier.
  9. Distraction from electricity. With the more time you spend outdoors, the less time you’ll watch TV, play video games, browse the Internet and use kitchen appliances. Not only are you helping the environment by using up less energy, but you are saving yourself a hefty electric bill!
  10. Good for your health. Spending time outdoors is healthy. The sun provides vitamin D, the air is fresh, the sounds are peaceful and the experience is overall relaxing.

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