So you’re looking to spruce up your home by incorporating a new paint palette or getting some new furniture. But how do you know if you can handle it on your own or if it’s time to hire a professional? Here is a list of pros and cons of hiring a home decorator that will help you decide when to make the call:

An interior designer is trained, informed and knowledgeable about home design.
They can help you see the big picture because they do not feel attached to your home.
They will save you time and energy by presenting you with all the possibilities and helping you make an informed decision.
They can make the most of what you already have in your home.
They have access to the best resources.
They can give you an unbiased opinion.
They can offer advice if you have no artistic flair or don’t trust your own taste.

It costs money to hire an interior designer.
Your designer’s taste might differ from your own.
Even though you have the final say, you won’t be in full control of decorating ideas.

If you’ve decided to seek help and hire a home decorator, be aware that there is a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. A designer is someone who is professionally trained and probably even has a degree in the design field. In some states, interior designers are required to have a license to prove that they have the necessary training and qualifications. A designer focuses on the functionality and efficiency of a space. A decorator, on the other hand, does not necessarily have any formal training and deals mainly with surface decor such as paint and furniture. Both professions serve a purpose in home decorating, but it’s important not to confuse the two.