Secret to SellingYou hear about satisfied Buy Owner customers all the time: on television commercials, on Buy Owner’s Web site, maybe around your neighborhood. The value of selling on your own, using Buy Owner, is spreading throughout the nation. Yet, as with anything, there are some Buy Owner sellers who are more successful than others.

What makes the difference? Is there a secret to making a successful home sale in today’s market?

In a word, yes. The secret is… are you ready?… work.

Selling Buy Owner adds incredible power to your home’s marketing plan, through virtual tours, professional ad copy, flyers, quality photo captions, online e-Catalogs and worldwide exposure through our aggressive marketing plan.

But you can add significantly to this plan by doing a little work of your own, thinking outside the box with selling strategies, reading up on tips and tricks for selling and making the most of your Buy Owner advertising package.

The effort will more than pay off in the end. Just look at what successful sellers have to say about their Buy Owner experience:

  • “I can’t imagine paying an agent 6% to do the same thing!”
  • “The selling process went well!  I took people on tours, and then we took out a bridge loan so we could move more quickly. That allowed us to move everything, and our house sold in less than three months after that.”
  • “The results of the sale were exactly what we were hoping for.”