From another recently satisfied customer:

“We weren’t pushing hard the first couple of months, and we didn’t move too far away.  The selling process went well!  I took people on tours, and then we took out a bridge loan so we could move more quickly. That allowed us to move everything, and our house sold in less than three months after that.  There are 300 houses for sale in our market, so we were very pleased that we got our asking price. We don’t feel as though we had to unload the home…we had three buyers and the third was really nice and willing to buy, so we went ahead!  The buyers fell in love with it online, the virtual tours looked great, and the professional photos were excellent!

In this market, Buy Owner worked out great!  If you have a really nice house, you can really benefit from Buy Owner’s advertising!  We knew another person who sold through Buy Owner who encouraged us to use it.  So many people are selling their houses online.  That’s the way people do it these days!”

S. Morse, Illinois